Games Galore

Looking to join a card club, play board games, work puzzles, or learn to knit?  Join us for a friendly evening gathering where patrons can work with others in the community to learn new games and/or hobbies.  Plans include knitting outfits for dolls, progressive Euchre, a variety of puzzles to explore, and other board game opportunities.  The library staff hopes to make this a weekly event for all ages to enjoy.  Bring your family, friends, and interests to Games Galore!  Check it Out! 

E-Content 101

Looking to download ebooks, audio books, music, magazines, or more?  The library has it all!  With a valid library card, you can access a varierty of resources.  Whether you are trying to read or listen on your computer or favorite device, you can find lots of free titles all from the touch of a button.  Join us for a tutorial session on how to use these resources from home or on a portable medium.  Bring your ereader, Ipad, IPod, Walkman, etc. and visit the library anytime today for one on one help.   


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